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Service Commitment
1, we strictly according to ISO9001:2000 quality system, ISO140001:2000 environmental management system, so that the product quality is fully guaranteed;
2, shelf life for one year, life-long maintenance. Due to our design, manufacturing, transportation, installation of quality problems, within four hours after I factory received the notice sent to repair (according to the corresponding adjustment of the distance) and compensation for the losses thus caused to the user;
025-8610652313584078857 3, our factory has a team of professional installation teams and after-sales service department, specializing in various types of shelves of the installation, commissioning and after-sales service, all-weather 24-hour service hotline.
4, the occurrence of human failure, I plant is still responsible for repair, but due to the cause of the user's fault and its loss and maintenance costs by the user;
5, in Nanjing, China, the company has a large production of spare parts, such as the buyer in the future have to transform the demand for this batch of goods, we can provide the technical service and support for the shelf;
6, I plant will be the obligation to carry out technical training, so that you can better use the warehouse shelf system.
7, occurred in the warranty period of parts not normal wear or non-human causes damage, failure of parts and wearing parts, we provide services free of charge, and timely replacement of the damaged parts, components, spare parts and wearing parts;
8, in the warranty period, we provide 2 free regular site maintenance and maintenance (six months / second);
9, years after the acceptance, the buyer according to the features of their own, can advance to the seller agreed at a specific time free maintenance and maintenance, the buyer's specific maintenance time and maintenance a year shall not exceed 2 times;

10, I Division of the company, offices and after-sales service will provide the most efficient daily service.

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